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Calm Before the Storm?

Bob Weinstein is a journalist who covers technology, project management, the workplace and career development.

Chances are you’re too comfortable. You’ll deny it and say you’re always monitoring the job market and talking to headhunters just to keep your options open. You’re even checking niche jobs boards regularly.
Why don’t I believe you? Because it’s so easy to get comfortable when things are good. And why not? Your company is doing well, your boss likes you and every year he drops bigger projects in your lap because he knows you’re one of the best project managers in the company. What’s more, your team members and junior PMs respect you and enjoy working with you. And, of course, the paycheck is nothing to sneeze at either. In fact, there is a raise on the horizon following your next performance appraisal, and a bonus when the fiscal year winds down.
Hate to rain on your parade, but that’s exactly the way I felt in the mid-1980s when the economy was roaring and the IT job market couldn’t have been better. Then the market turned in the early 1990s, profit margins slipped and loyal customers and vendors stopped calling because they were top-heavy in inventory. And then all hell broke loose, and IT companies all over the United States started cutting back.
Could that happen again? You bet. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are, either. Things have a way of changing unexpectedly. If you haven…

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