3 Must-Haves for a New PMO

Tom Carter

Three factors are critical in placing a new project management office on the road to long-term success: alignment of staff size, skills and reporting level with the organization’s expectations; a charter that clearly defines responsibilities, processes and standards; and demonstrated value in the first 100 days and six months.

Many organizations expend a great deal of time, effort and resources in establishing a project management office (PMO), only to have it fail a short time later. In most cases, the probability of success can be greatly improved by proactive effort in just three areas. Among the many contributors to organizational success, there are three that are critical for deployment of a new PMO. The first is alignment of management expectations for services and results with the PMO’s reporting level and number and skill level of its staff. The second factor is an organizational charter clearly communicating the PMO’s authority and services to the business. And the third critical success factor is early results that demonstrate value to the business in the first 100 days and six months.
1. Alignment of Expectations
The importance of alignment between expectations and capabilities cannot be overstated. A one person PMO is not going to rescue all of a companies troubled projects, create, align, and balance its project portfolio, create and deploy…

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