Project Management

The Process Question

Many times, project managers might wonder whether they really need to use project management techniques to achieve business results. This thought would have at least crossed your mind when you were a rookie project manager who had to deliver results within tight timelines.
Should we employ project management quantitative techniques? And what would they bring to the table from an information technology standpoint?
I am going to take a narrow-minded view about defining what “business results” mean here. I am referring to what people usually write in their project charter like, “Achieve at least four out of five in the scale for customer satisfaction” or “The definition of bugs has to be less that four in 1,000 lines of code.” The first is an example of a more subjective goal, while the second is a more objective goal to accomplish.
I can broadly consider the following factors affecting the use of processes in project management:
  • Awareness of where the project fits in the organizational landscape
  • Flexibility of the processes in place
  • Scalability and complexity factor, and
  • Yes, I do believe that the human element is still significant!
Taking a very narrow-minded approach again, you wouldn’t need methodology or processes at all to achieve the…

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