BPI: A True Value Proposition

Rob Saxon is a Project Management Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor and a trained Six Sigma Specialist. Rob is currently developing methods to integrate project management into previously unexplored areas of business.

Products and processes are improving around us every day. Imagine if, in 1914, John Burry could picture what would become of his beloved stock ticker? In a matter of decades, the process of communicating information about the stock market went from moving at the speed of paper to the speed of light.
Over time, businesses have used various methods of analysis and technology tools to deliver better processes and products to their customers. In the aggregate, these methods and tools have contributed to business process improvement.
BPI Isn’t for the Other Guy
Business Process Improvement is the fundamental discovery and optimization of the things we do everyday. Unfortunately, the term BPI has been “buzzed”, if you will, to mean many things to many organizations, and the fundamental nature of doing things better seems somewhat to have been lost.
MIT has encapsulated some of the essence of Business Process Improvement in a section of their website on BPI. Aside from useful information about business process improvement, the site contains hints of loss of BPI focus in the business world.
The loss of focus about what BPI is all about can be encapsulated in this phrase from the MIT website: “Consider using BPI in situations at MIT where…”
This statement, in my estimation, assumes that improving …

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