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The concept of harnessing solar energy isn’t new. It’s one of those latent industries that have yet to take off in a big way. A nationwide energy crisis in the late 1970s stirred up a lot of interest in alternative energy sources, but when energy prices leveled off and tax credits for solar energy systems evaporated, there was little interest in pursuing solar energy.
But times have changed. Aggressive cultivation of solar energy as well as other alternative energy sources has ascended to an economic and environmental necessity. The ramifications of global warming alone are an indisputable reason for building a solar industry. The endless business/marketing possibilities are not to be discounted, either. Fueling the growth of this exciting niche industry is a constant stream of new solar technology applications.
The message is loud and clear: It’s time to think seriously about the sun. We’re not talking about how to get a better, faster or safer tan, but about checking out careers in solar energy. It’s an emerging industry that’s rife with opportunities.
Start by doing some homework and learning about the history of the solar energy industry. Then move on to finding innovative companies that one day will be the industry’s Sun Microsystems and Intels. Put all that together and you’ll see new jobs in …

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