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Overcoming Cultural Resistance to ITIL

As a now seasoned veteran of IT, I’ve lived through the successes and failures of the many, many efforts over the years to improve the efficiency of IT through internal process engineering efforts. Whether it was a push to establish CMM software development maturity, a mandate to do more rigorous portfolio management or to operate IT through a repeatable set of control objectives, I have seen some successes and many failures. The failures have overshadowed the successes and usually have left organizations numb to undertaking other major efforts for several years thereafter.
Along comes the latest internal process standardization effort: ITIL, this time to hit your friendly neighborhood operations functions. Operations leaders, largely untouched by prior internal process standardization efforts, have opened their arms to embrace ITIL.
Operations personnel, on the other hand, have lived in the firefighting trenches for years, and grumble quietly to themselves hoping that this latest fad of management will pass with minimal pain. Operations personnel believe that they know better, that management doesn’t understand operations and that process standardization will bring minimal value. Their quiet nods of approval are actually tacit veils of disapproval. Without the staff’s buy-in, process …

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