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Foundations for an ITIL Adoption Business Case

Ian Stewart, PMP
Though the standard definition of the word “library” (a place in which “literary, musical, artistic or reference materials are kept for use”) might suggest an altruistic purpose, even the staunchest skeptic would recognize the value of a library. Note the fact that early library practitioners chained books to shelves to hedge against the risk of any unscrupulous readers that might find themselves too attached to whatever they might be reading at the time. Later the practice that we know today of borrowing books by offering collateral up front (or paying penalties for keeping the precious cargo too long) proved further that public libraries were ripe with valuable resources for use by all that ventured in.
Today, those responsible for managing information technology services have come to know an extensive and valuable library known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Much like the enlightened development of advanced public libraries in the 5th century, ITIL had its early origins in the public sector but has evolved into a set of standards with practical uses and applications that can be very valuable in the private sector.
The IT service management approach outlined by ITIL delivers a clear value offering to the service consumer and provider. It can also offer cost saves and synergies from new methods that provide …

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