Project Management

Whose Grass Is Greener?

Ann Sachs

Corporate project managers, consultancy reps and solo practitioners operate in three distinct project environments. When it comes to career considerations, each set-up presents unique advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and obstacles. Here is professional development advice for project managers in each situation — and for those contemplating a switch.

Are you so heads down in your projects that your own career is the last thing on your mind? Are you thinking milestones, not stepping-stones? That probably makes you a dedicated project manager, but the time to market yourself and network in the right circles isn’t down the road; it’s now. As your project management knowledge and ability to manage complexity grows, you must likewise manage your own career as the valuable project it is — with the end goal of attracting the most visible and rewarding work.
The minute you get the idea you are indispensable, you’re not. The Project Management Institute reports a 12.5 percent increase in certified Project Management Professionals globally in 2007, so competition for proven project management skills over paper credentials is keener than ever. Who’s looking over your shoulder? Who thinks you’re getting too expensive?
There are essentially three types of project managers: those who oversees projects for their …

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