The Value of Agile Earned Value Management

Tamara Sulaiman, PMP, CST
Someone recently posed a question to me on the benefits of using earned value management on agile projects. “What does it do for you that the burn down chart doesn’t do?” was basically how it was phrased in the e-mail.
It’s a good question. I meant to answer him, really I did. I got all fired up about it, too. Then the phone rang, my e-mail chimed and my calendar beeped reminding me that I was supposed to be somewhere else. There’s only so much multi-tasking that I can do, so I let it go.
If I had answered his e-mail (and I wish I had), I would have written about AgileEVM bringing statistically proven cost predictions in the form of estimates at completion and the ability to measure and track cost efficiency trends across multiple iterations in Scrum projects. I would have also brought up the benefit of being able to run “what if” scenarios to balance tradeoffs across changes to scope, schedule and budget and the value that brings to product owners in making good decisions.
Another benefit that AgileEVM brings is at the portfolio and program levels. I would have also written about using the Planned Value and Earned Value metrics to express cumulative information across multiple teams at those levels. Instead of replying, I’d like to discuss all of these benefits in this article, and share with a larger…

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