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Earned Value Management Study: Is Your Organization Ready?

Dr. Andrew Makar is an IT program manager and is the author of the Microsoft Project Made Easy series. For more project management advice, visit the website

The goal of this article is to encourage project managers to participate in an academic survey to help determine if an organization is ready to apply earned value management to its projects. If you are interested in providing input into an assessment tool to help determine if an organization is ready to apply earned value, please read on!
Earned value management is a project management technique with well over 100 years of history. The inception of earned value management was found on the factory floor during the 1890s. It is a quantitative project control technique that uses objective data to make data-driven decisions. The technique eliminates the subjective interpretation and defines the current project status in both cost and schedule terms.
Earned value practitioners have recognized several benefits from earned value management systems, including early warning indicators for troubled projects, predictors of final project costs and objective assessments of project schedule and budget status. Despite the benefits found in implementing earned value management, the technique still lacks successful implementation in both private and public sectors.
The lack of success can be found in an organization’s overall readiness for earned value management. Organizations often struggle with their own project management maturity as they balance meeting …

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