Web Personalization and Business Intelligence--The Dynamic Duo of the Digital Age

In today's world, most consumers have begun to use the Internet to purchase items of some sort or at least to look up information on the Web. And let's face it, people are selfish. Many times, customers will activate a search engine such as Yahoo or Lycos and look for a particular site that interests them. Other times, individuals will go directly to a site that they are familiar with. In both cases, a customer's interaction with the Internet is based on personal likes, dislikes and interests. These interactions are valuable in understanding a customer's behavior, what they are most likely to buy or what sites they are most likely to visit. If a customer's interaction with the Internet were captured and fed into a data warehouse, the warehouse could become a very powerful mechanism to analyze customers and to produce personalized Web pages for each customer.


Personalized Web pages are a very powerful concept. People like to be recognized. It makes us feel somehow more important. Imagine going to the ESPN SportsZone site and having the scores and news for your favorite teams automatically listed. I know that in the spring and summer, I check out the losing Mets, and in the winter, the losing Nets. As you can see, I have an affinity for losing sporting teams. However, each time I go to the ESPN site, I have to enter parameters for the teams and news that I want to …

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