The Promise of Enterprise Relationship Management Data Warehouses

How many times have you received a cold call on a Sunday afternoon from an uninformed sales rep? Or received a barrage of e-mail that undoubtedly finds your "DEL" key? The truth is, most companies in America know very little about their customers. Fortunately, enterprise relationship management (ERM) applications, such as Siebel Enterprise, have begun to provide the technologies to capture interactions with customers through a variety of different "touch points," including phone, mail, internet and personal sales calls. By building data warehouses and data marts that integrate customer contact information with product history and customer service information, organizations can truly begin to build a complete picture of their customers and really start to understand their needs and tailor specific messages for each customer. This one-to-one marketing will provide many benefits, including higher customer lifetime value, increased customer satisfaction and greater customer loyalty. Organizations undertaking the development of data warehouses and data marts using data from ERM applications will surely have an advantage over their competitors.

A company drives profits through its customer value streamsthose processes that generate significant benefit for an organization's customers. Thus, a company would benefit most by analyzing value streams and improving upon them. But…

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