Resume Etiquette

Bob Weinstein is a journalist who covers technology, project management, the workplace and career development.

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. We couldn’t get along without a host of gadgets and devices. Yet certain things never change. One of them is the importance of the resume in career building.
The resume was a job door-opener three decades ago, and it is even more so today. What’s different is that the resume is even more important than it was because the competition for good jobs becomes more intense every day. Even though more resume books are published every year and career experts never stop writing about resume dos and don’ts, job-seekers keep on making the same mistakes. This is why recruiters and HR professionals never stop complaining about the poor-quality resumes they receive.
Job candidates continue to make the same errors because they don’t spend enough time on their resumes. They see resume preparation as a big headache, so they try to prepare their resumes as quickly as possible. Instead of sweating over every word and phrase and making sure it’s an accurate summation of their skills and abilities, they knock it out in a hurry. The result is a slipshod, poorly conceived effort that lacks punch, conviction and sincerity.
In structure and form, resumes are easy to put together. But writing a great resume is a difficult, tedious and time-consuming effort. The irony is that many job candidates …

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