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When organizations pay attention to the institutional infrastructure of learning, projects have a much better chance of succeeding, according to Blaize Horner Reich, author of an award-winning research paper on knowledge management in IT environments. Here, she shares some best practices, including the need to create ‘knowledge channels.’

The sometimes rough-and-tumble world of project management — particularly in the high-pressure IT space — isn’t always the best place for project managers to set aside time to mentor others or learn themselves. Obstacles and challenges in the form of deadlines and budgets can form a never-ending litany of reasons to get the job done, whether or not people grow into better project managers.
Maybe that’s why a recent piece of research from Blaize Horner Reich was named by PMI’s Project Management Journal as its Paper of the Year for 2007. Her paper, four years in the works, is titled “Managing Knowledge and Learning in IT Projects: A Conceptual Framework and Guidelines.” In it, the professor of business administration at Simon Fraser University’s Segal Graduate School in Vancouver sets out to quantify the steps necessary to create a learning environment in project management situations.
Far from a touchy-feely read on the importance of allowing project mangers to flourish, Reich’s research is a logically devised and soundly reasoned …

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