The Agile Portfolio

Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

More organizations are incrementally adding Agile methods to take their project portfolio management practices to the next level, while software providers are adapting their PPM offerings to keep pace with demand.

Whether or no you can recall when you first heard Agile methods were the next “big thing” in software development, or when you read about “project portfolio management” in five different places in the same week, you have surely noticed that an increasing number of companies are putting the two together.
Recent releases from top project portfolio management software vendors underscore that trend and aim to marry the two disciplines to maximize shared values, from teamwork to transparency.
Rally Software, Daptiv and Compuware, to name three, last month introduced new Agile spins on largely PPM-focused software, saying the move was driven by customer demand as well as the clear successes with their own in-house Agile experiences.
In fact, Daptiv’s product, called Daptiv Scrum, was developed initially as a way to help Daptiv’s own IT department. The software allows existing PPM customers to use both the PPM and Scrum products at the same time, incorporating data from all project corners, Agile or otherwise.
By combining Agile with a PPM platform, an …

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