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OPM3 and the Talent Management Gap

John is the founder of OPM Experts LLC.

While many of us have focused on the large number of project managers who are looking for work, we must recognize that hiring organizations are under heightened pressure to do more with less, to ensure the people they have are performing at higher levels of maturity and to build resilience into their organizations so that their success does not depend on the heroic capabilities of a few resources. In this light, the talent gap has become the reverse of what this term has meant in the past. The gap is between the large number of talented project managers and the smaller number of organizations that are integrating talent capably to cope with the industrial environment.
In 2009, unemployment hit a 25-year high. Millions of people lost their jobs, and many of these were top-performing project managers whose positions were eliminated through no fault of their own. Hiring organizations have many excellent candidates to choose from, but they are faced with the need to integrate talent into their organizations at an accelerated pace to enable their teams to perform capably and adapt quickly to changing conditions.
Leading companies are renewing their organizations to position themselves for the upturn in the market. They are looking for project managers who can both deliver mission-critical projects and build the capability of the organization as a whole to deliver …

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