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Book Review: A Practical Guide to Reducing IT Costs

Laurie Wondra
Every IT manager is expected to manage costs. IT costs can quickly get out of control in many or all areas of IT. At some point in every IT manager’s career, he is faced with the challenge of holding budgets flat or reducing costs. Runaway costs are pretty easy to spot. Watch your budgets month to month or year to year and you can catch where things are getting out of hand. But once a manager holds costs and picks the low-hanging fruit, he may find it difficult to look for cost reductions feeling that he’s reduced everywhere possible.
Anita and Dan Cassidy’s new book, A Practical Guide to Reducing IT Costs, has a number of components that make this a reference book for every IT manager. It is well organized, allowing the reader a quick reference for specific spot areas within IT or among IT cost contributors. There are many areas within IT that contain hidden costs and are golden opportunity areas to reduce the overall cost of any IT department. The book logically covers all areas of IT and these especially the hidden reduction opportunities.
Many organizations look for quick cost reductions in hardware or application development, but this book also covers how to eliminate costs in processes and in the people-side of IT (beyond just lowering headcount). It contains realistic ideas and proven actions from some of the leading IT executives …

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