Project Management

The BA-UX Intersection

Kelli Norland

On any project, it’s the job of the business analyst to ensure that the business objectives and issues are understood by participants. And when the project involves end users of a new or enhanced solution, there are great benefits to be realized when the BA teams up with a user experience (UX) professional.

According to Harvard Business Review editor Julia Kirby, 2010 may be the year for a resurgence in companies reconnecting with their users and focusing on user experience. That requires collaboration. The business analyst must understand the core business needs and express them in clear, concise language (most commonly as formal business requirements). The UX professional must understand the business problem, as well as how customers see it, and then they can begin the real work of making complex products usable and aesthetically pleasing (even fun!), with interfaces that can be used globally and that are accessible by diverse audiences.


But often, BA and UX powers aren’t combined effectively, or even at all. Unfortunately, not all organizations have discovered the benefits of user-centered design. During a recent project at Evantage, we worked on the user experience for a new system development where the UX resource had little to no exposure to the requirements until they were completed and unchangeable. Unfortunately, the requirements prescribed in …

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