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IT Governance Evolution

Janis Rizzuto

Janis is an award-winning journalist and editor who has covered many industries beyond project management, including health care, financial services, higher education and retail sales.

As technology becomes ever more critical to business success, changes are coming in IT governance that tighten its relationship to strategic objectives. Here, analysts discuss the business basis for the shift.

For at least a decade, IT governance has changed how companies make decisions about investing technology resources, and now IT governance itself may be evolving, according to top analysts in the field. Look for tighter integration and better alignment of IT issues with business strategy. That seamless connection can better deliver value in the challenging, competitive marketplace most companies face today.

“The maturity of IT governance adoption is all over the place,” says Craig Symons, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research in Mantoloking, N.J. “Clearly, there are some organizations that have done a good job, but there are many organizations that still struggle with it. A good reason for that is confusion about what exactly IT governance is. Because the phrase has ‘IT’ in it, they assume it is an IT thing, and therefore, it gets delegated to IT. But IT governance is not about IT really. The decisions organizations make about investing in IT are not IT decisions, but business decisions. To have effective IT governance requires a very strong commitment and engagement on the part of the business. A governance …

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