Project Management

Daily Change Management

Project leaders should strive to make change management a collaborative and, whenever possible, daily process within the project team environment, according to John D’Entremont, PMP.

One of the main tenets of Agile is that change management should be collaborative. Ideally, project teams will work together in the same location, maximizing face to face communication. These real-time interactions can lesson lag time and paperwork. Project teams that are working in the same setting can take advantage of the benefits of staging daily meetings. These meetings can have a positive impact on change management by: 

> Building trustamong the team members, resulting in a free-flowing conversation where they can exchange ideas and share commitment.

> Providing the opportunity for daily progress reports, status checks and strategies to be implemented.

> Identifying specific challengesand obstacles that may be presenting themselves, and allowing for a corrective course of action to be put in place.

> Reaffirming the direction of the team. This would in turn assist each team member in staying focused on their own roles and responsibilities.

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