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Michael R. Wood is a Business Process Improvement & IT Strategist Independent Consultant. He is creator of the business process-improvement methodology called HELIX and founder of The Natural Intelligence Group, a strategy, process improvement and technology consulting company. He is also a CPA, has served as an Adjunct Professor in Pepperdine's Management MBA program, an Associate Professor at California Lutheran University, and on the boards of numerous professional organizations. Mr. Wood is a sought after presenter of HELIX workshops and seminars in both the U.S. and Europe.

Topics: Applications Delivery, Business Case, Business Intelligence, Cost Management, IT Project Management, Knowledge Management, Strategy

Is there any advantage to using Cloud-based project management tools to manage projects? Is it cheaper and more effective? Are the tools more feature-rich? And what about the disadvantages? Here is what my research revealed…

Given the length of time project management methods and tools have been around, you might think that the last thing anyone needs is another project management toolset. However, consider some of the following statistics related to project management that I ferreted from an article penned by By Raj Asava and Hussein Mzee entitled “Cloud Computing Meets Project Management”:

“This year (2010), $12 Trillion (US), 1/5th of world’s GDP, will be spent on projects. It is, however, astonishing that the formalized use of project management frameworks is still not widespread, resulting in 90% of projects not meeting time, cost, or quality targets. Only 9% of large, 16% of medium and 28% of small company projects were completed on time, within budget and delivered measurable business and stakeholder benefits, as per Standish Group Chaos Report. The lack of a project management framework, security, and information integrity risks add to the list and reasons for project failure.”

It appears the problem is that we have a problem implementing projects successfully. So how would using Cloud-based solutions help to improve …

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