Client Connection

Brett Harned

When working with new project clients, you first have to show an understanding of their requirements and then begin to establish a relationship built on trust. You also need to be yourself, or you won’t be at your best. It is no easy task, but here is some helpful guidance.

As a project manager, you're often placed in the middle of your project team and a client. You're the hype agent — the one who builds excitement about the project but also has to keep everyone grounded in what is realistic and within scope. You have to walk the line between being the one in charge and the one everyone can turn to and depend on. Even if you've already earned the respect of your team, you have to start over every time you get a new client.

Sometimes it's easy to make a connection with a client; other times, not so much. It all comes down to the fact that your clients need to know that the team they've hired can be trusted, and in many cases, it's up to you to show the client that you understand your team — and them. It's no easy task, but there are ways to build a rapport and make your clients know that you can be a trusted partner.

Be You

There is nothing worse than working with someone who doesn't acknowledge the fact that the team has a life outside of the project. Of course your focus is on the project, but don't feel like project details should impair your actual …

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- Mark Twain