Medium-size Business = Super-size Risk

Mike Donoghue is a member of a multinational information technology corporation where he collaborates on the communications guidelines and customer relationship strategies affecting the interactions with internal and external clients. He has analyzed, defined, designed and overseen processes for various engagements including product usability and customer satisfaction, best practice enterprise standardization, relationship/branding structures, and distribution effectiveness and direction. He has also established corporate library solutions to provide frameworks for sales, marketing, training, and support divisions.

All organizations have to assess and manage risk. Those companies in the mid-size range, however, have to work with more risk since--unlike larger organizations--they have fairly small IT personnel and resources and are have less flexibility with their operating budgets. With sensitive economic times, this is even more apparent. Seeing how difficult it is for all IT-integrated businesses these days, the possibilities for failure are enormous--but are there any protective solutions out there?

When we speak of failures at an organization in this technological sense, we frequently mean collapses that can take down the entire institution. What impacts information also impacts bottom line financials. Reports from anti-virus and system protection agencies have shown that over the past few years, security attacks and data disruption have resulted in multiple billions of dollars of loss worldwide. Regardless of the reasons for a breakdown though, the prospect forces us to focus more energy to blockade these possibilities and keep the infrastructure solid.

Setting up safety measures that support your IT framework is a necessity in today’s hostile, connected world. By establishing a secure infrastructure, you can help reduce your organization’s exposure to loss of earnings, loss of status and loss of assets. If you are part of a middle-size company and share these …

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"Put all your eggs in the one basket and - WATCH THAT BASKET."

- Mark Twain