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Dr. Rico has been a leader in support of major U.S. government agencies for 25 years. He's led many Cloud, Lean, Agile, SOA, Web Services, Six Sigma, FOSS, ISO 9001, CMMI and SW-CMM projects. He specializes in IT investment analysis, portfolio valuation and organizational change. He's been an international keynote speaker, presented at leading conferences, written six textbooks and published numerous articles. He’s also a frequent PMI, APLN, INCOSE, SPIN and conference speaker. For more see

What is the business value of agile project management for creating new products and services? What are the costs and benefits--or what is the ROI of agile project management? Has anyone ever measured the benefits? If so, what are the results? Furthermore, is there a measurable difference between agile and traditional project management?

Agile PM crept into practice about a decade ago and quickly became the predominant paradigm for managing IT projects. However, it continues to spread throughout the worldwide marketplace, including the public sector (i.e., government projects). As such, these questions (and many more) are being asked in increasing frequency.

Agile project management is a blend of older traditional ideas and newer discoveries for creating innovative products and services. It is lightweight, flexible, collaborative and adaptable to frequent change, yet highly disciplined. This gives us the structure of the rational model from the last century along with the market and technological sensitivity to manage 21st century projects.

Agile PM is not just a fancy name for an old idea--it is a better way for managing high-risk, time-sensitive research and development-oriented projects. Its lightweight structure leads to better productivity and efficient decisionmaking, while exceeding the quality characteristics of older paradigms. These alone result in …

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