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Establishing productive working relationships with your project team is as critical as building the plan, managing risk or reporting to stakeholders. It requires accessibility, adaptability and authenticity. Here are seven principles that can help you help your team members maximize their individual and collective value.

You’ve just been named the project manager of an important initiative and, as is often the case, the project team was chosen for you, based on available resources. You’ve worked with a few of the same people on previous projects, but many team members are new. It’s apparent right away that there are diverse skill-sets and a broad range of personalities on board for this one. Several team members have had problems with project managers in the past, and others are complete unknowns. It is a diverse team mix that could prove to be a tremendous asset — or a thorny burden. You know you’ll need to establish a good working relationship with all the team members in order to maximize their individual and collective value to this important project.

The importance of establishing productive working relationships with your team cannot be overstated. It is a fundamental part of a project manager’s job, as time-consuming and critical as creating the project plan, managing risk, updating the schedule, monitoring the budget, and …

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