Project Management

Agile + Earned Value

Katia Sullivan

Agile and earned value are inherently different approaches to managing projects, but they can complement each other in support of flexibility and bottom-line value. Here are three practical tips to help you bridge the gap between an agile approach and the earned value reports and measurements many organizations require.

As agile gains traction in larger organizations, managers who are responsible for the bottom line are finding it difficult to estimate and measure the value of agile projects in dollars. Earned Value Management (EVM) is being widely used to measure bottom-line results at the corporate level. But the debate continues to heat up over whether EVM can be applied to agile project management.

software purists decry the notion, claiming that the up-front planning required for EVM is “too heavy” for the lightweight agile approach. On the other hand, those who believe in or have implemented Agile EVM are generally happy with the approach, as it provides the necessary measurement and reporting requirements.

Whether you’re an agile development purist or an EVM devotee, here are three practical tips to help you bridge the gap between agile metrics and the bottom-line measurement you need to report.

1. Find Common Language between Execs and 'The Trenches’

Traditional EVM and agile software methods are in sharp opposition in …

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