A Question of Credibility

In a recent study, the Accept Corporation and the Association for International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) found that more than 60 percent of executives say they struggle making kill/go decisions.[1] For some reason, there is a tendency to continue projects and activities even when most people involved realize it’s not an optimal use of their time. Organizations generate a cultural momentum that, like a battleship, won’t turn easily or quickly even when the product team is aware of the issues. What causes this culture to develop? Are poorly aligned project incentives causing a proliferation of this behavior?

Let’s look at some additional data to help shed light on this issue. In another recent study, The Study of Product Team Performance, 2012, [2] Actuation Consulting and Enterprise Agility found that:

  • Only 33%of product teams have daily priorities that are “strongly aligned” with the organization’s business strategies
  • Only 12% of respondents report on time, on scope, on budget performance
  • Only 28% of respondents report “hit or miss” or “miss more than we hit” performance

This study also discovered that critical gaps exist in many organizations. These organizations lacked elements such as a multi-year product strategy and product portfolio management.

From these …

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