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Michelle Stronach has over 20 years of experience in the project management field, with experience creating successful PMOs and implementing project, portfolio management and IT governance frameworks. Michelle truly appreciates the value of feedback and welcomes comments on her articles.

If you are thinking about how you might use social media on your project, then you are already a dinosaur and haven’t realized yet that the world around you has just changed. You may not be actively including social media into your communication strategy or team management plan, but your team members are already using it. They are tweeting and messaging each other across the war room while you are standing there talking to your PowerPoint slides.

The social media concept is really only about a decade old, but it has had a dramatic effect on the way friends, family and colleagues communicate with each other. In the past few years, social media has morphed from something that you play with as an individual to something businesses use for marketing, advertising and reputation management--or for encouraging networking, the exchange of ideas and collaboration within their organizations.

Well-known platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, LinkedIn, Skype, Yammer, etc. There are also thousands of other tools and applications built on the Web 2.0 concepts. Social media applications are mostly free; some have upgraded versions for a fee, and some are purchased outright. About 845 million people use Facebook on at least a monthly basis; 483 million users are active daily. LinkedIn has 150 million members in over 200 countries. Yammer, an enterprise social …

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