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Dr. Andrew Makar is an IT program manager and is the author of the Microsoft Project Made Easy series. For more project management advice, visit the website

Supporting project delivery across project, program, PMO and portfolio management processes, BrightWork is a SharePoint-based collaboration tool that can be adapted to each organization’s capability and maturity level without overwhelming users with unnecessary functionality.

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make with their project management system implementations is deploying too much functionality too quickly. The reality is many organizations are simply not mature enough to adopt the full project management suite of tools found in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant. Still, organizations spend a great amount of time and money configuring and implementing powerful project management systems only to find they can’t even develop a project schedule correctly. The IT organization deployed all the functionality but the organization wasn’t ready for it.

It really isn’t fair to blame the software vendors as they are simply responding to customer needs. Just call most any project management solution vendor and ask the following questions:

Do you need earned value management? We’ve got that.

Portfolio Bubble Charts? Yep. 

Does the tool integrate with Microsoft Project? Sure does.

Can you provide the Holy Grail of enterprise Resource Management? Check!

BrightWork understands the project management maturity challenge…

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