Consider Hybrid Agile

Vincent is a Senior Project Management Consultant and e-Learning Developer.

Sometimes a pure agile approach is not appropriate for a particular project — the important thing is getting the work done, not strict adherence to a process. Still, a non-agile project can benefit from the inherent values of agile, including strong team collaboration, prioritized, incremental development, and regular progress assessment and adaptation.

Do you read the myriad articles that discuss everything you could ever want to know about agile, but are left asking: What about me? Not all projects can directly benefit from the agile approach. However, the agile approach has intrinsic value, so it is desirable to show how non-agile projects can incorporate agile features to build products faster and with higher quality.

Many articles on agile point out its benefits and discuss how best to do it. Rarely is there a discussion on where agile is appropriate and where it is not. This would be OK except that there are some who maintain that agile can be used on all projects. So it’s important to first look at why many projects cannot use agile.  

Where Can’t Agile be Used?

Agile books, articles and discussions frequently compare agile to waterfall. And while agile fixes many problems inherent in waterfall, there are other approaches that also address those problems, and are more suited to specific development. Working in new product development, …

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