Here Come the Clouds

Topics: IT Project Management, Knowledge Management, Legal Project Management, Service Management

It seems like every weather report from the IT department, the CFO, the service providers, Harvard Business Review and even the company you buy books from is talking about “the Cloud”. Cloud delivery projects are a culmination of people, process and technology, but project management fundamentals still apply and there is work to be done.

My intent is to give a delivery management professional some base foundation knowledge regarding the Cloud, why Cloud projects are a “little” different as well as some of the skills and capabilities that a delivery management professional should focus on--and further develop when taking on Cloud assignments based on lessons learned.

According to the Forrester Report “Sizing the Cloud”, the global market for Cloud computing, which is in excess of $40B today, is projected to grow total revenues of more than $241B in 2020. A study published this March (by IDC research) anticipates that new, Cloud-generated jobs will total nearly14M worldwide through 2015. As a delivery management professional, if you have not been involved in a Cloud-oriented project yet the odds are you soon will be in some way, shape or form.

Since there is a lot of hype and overuse of the word “Cloud”, here is a definition from the National Institute of Standards and Technology[i]: “Cloud computing is a model …

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