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PMOs are under pressure to evolve, and the good news for managers of agile projects is that future PMOs are looking more agile.

I met up with Jack Duggal, PMI SeminarsWorld Instructor for the popular “Building and Transforming the Next Generation PMO” seminar and Managing Principal of Projectize Group, to learn more about his view for the next generation PMO--and it sounds quite agile. He described how many of today’s PMOs struggle to assist projects that “DANCE”, a term he uses to describe projects that are:

Dynamic and changing
Ambiguous and uncertain
Non-linear and unpredictable
Emergent nature of projects that causes instability

To me, these characteristics sounded like the classic uncertainty and high-change environments agile projects thrive in. Another description sometimes used to describe these projects is “VUCA”, which stands for projects that exhibit:

Uncertainty &…

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