Green with Envy?

Michelle Stronach has over 20 years of experience in the project management field, with experience creating successful PMOs and implementing project, portfolio management and IT governance frameworks. Michelle truly appreciates the value of feedback and welcomes comments on her articles.

Upon walking down the train platform this morning after exiting my train, I looked down the tracks and was woken from my commuter daydream by what I saw: A landscape of multiple parallel tracks on a bed of crushed gravel, gently curved in unison as they oozed from the station taking their turns converging with each other stretching far past vision’s horizon. On the far right, a green metal train exiting the station caught a sparkling ray of the morning sun as it travelled east to the suburbs to pick up more commuters to bring back downtown to work. Framed by neighborhood apartment and office buildings, the scene struck me for a moment as one of beauty--the curving lines, contrast of colors and play of light. But then I was washed with a frightened consciousness of what I had just thought of as beautiful.

I am often distracted with the beauty I observe in nature. I’m an avid outdoors person, taking every opportunity I can to go north to my cottage and be with the rocks and trees and lakes. I was astonished to find myself thinking of metal and concrete as beautiful. My mind flashed to a scene from Star Trek with Captain Picard walking through the Borg ship, stepping over the weave of cables as he navigated his way through the machines and zombie-like Borg. The scenery I was just contemplating wasn’t all that much different. What has happened to me? Have I…

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