Is Your Project Team Social?

Michael Klynstra

The nature and models of the various social platforms differ so greatly that you can pretty much find anything from one network or another: Real-time news, a new business connection, recommendations for a restaurant, suggestions for a good book and warnings for a road hazard ahead while on the interstate. By examining how the most popular social platforms share and use data, you might just come up with some fun, creative and productive ways to improve the performance of your project team.

Beyond email, shared folders and lists
As project managers, there are many things that we need to collect and share: project specs, changes and status. Then there’s diagnosing and solving problems that come up during the project lifecycle. And, of course, communicating milestones and accomplishments. Social media can be a superior way to manage the flow and analysis of project information.

If you’re new to social media, the benefits will become clearer to you as time passes. Think of it as an opportunity to break through the irritations of traditional methods like crowded email inboxes, hard-to-find shared folders, endless versions of attachments and email groups where project members get inadvertently excluded and updates get missed.

For example, one of the most rewarding aspects of social media is the ability to create virtual communities where the team can share…

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