Test Your Agile Process for Simplicity

Len Lagestee

Len Lagestee is an agile coach and consultant based in Chicago. He runs illustratedagile.com.

Processes, even agile ones, can become complex and unwieldy over time. Here, the manager of project management and methodology at Cars.com shares a tip for testing the simplicity of your Agile framework with a team of interns. It’s also useful for identifying good candidates to join a collaborative culture.

Processes tend to become complex and unwieldy over time. Our natural tendency is to continue adding process versus removing it, so it is important to test the simplicity of your processes every once in a while.

One way to test for simplicity is to use your full Agile process with your college interns during their time with your company. Most interns have never participated in any organizational process let alone an Agile framework. If they can understand and embrace the process in the short amount of time they are here, you are probably in good shape. Plus, you’ll also discover if they are good candidates to be working in a highly collaborative Agile culture.

At Cars.com, we are wrapping up our third intern team over the past year with good results. Here are the steps we are using to kick-off and implement our intern teams using our Agile framework:

Assign a product owner volunteer. This person does not need to be full time but should be able to commit a couple hours a week to the intern team.

Provide a Scrum Master. The Scrum Master will teach and …

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