The Bruce Campbell Guide to Management

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Can a low-budget cult film actor pose as a paragon of sound management practice? What, if anything, can we learn from Bruce Campbell to further our pursuit of management knowledge? Whether you are a manager of resources or a project manager with matrixed resources, put aside those business textbooks and your Project Management Body of Knowledge for a while, and tune in.             

Campbell is a film actor best known for the cult classic Evil Dead series of films, as well as the current USA Network series Burn Notice. He has starred in many B-movies, typically portraying “brash and surly but witty and likeable characters, with unflappable confidence.”

This is the “unofficial” Bruce Campbell Guide to Management, and offers nine management tips based on his characters’ philosophies…

1. “Gimme some sugar, baby!” (Ashley “Ash” Williams, Army of Darkness)
How do you deal with conflict? When faced with an issue or challenge, do you immediately arm yourself for battle? Or do you use your interpersonal skills and influencing abilities to disarm others, neutralize the situation and rally support to remove obstacles?

Some use an issue or challenge as a chance to escalate in order to gain visibility and focus on the project. Some use it as an …

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