Measuring Team Agility

Len Lagestee

Len Lagestee is an agile coach and consultant based in Chicago. He runs

Determining how Agile your team is can be a bit like measuring how in love you are. But there are indicators to look for, warning signs that provide useful data to make sure you are not “falling out of Agile.” Here are some simple techniques to help you gauge your team's agility after each sprint.

If you have led, coached or participated in an organizational transformation to Agile, it will be just a matter of time before someone asks “How do we know if we are truly Agile?” or “How do we know if our Agile teams are healthyand doing well?” Good questions that often comes from executive leaders.

I have recently been working on answering these questions for our company, and I quickly realized there is a challenge to measuring how “agile” a team or an organization is. It’s probably similar to measuring how “in love” someone is. You just know it when its right. It’s great when you are in a positive relationship and painful when you are not.

Measuring how “agile” a team or an organization is can be a little like measuring how much in love you are.

So measuring Agility in absolutes seems close to impossible, but I feel there are some symptoms and danger signs we can be looking for. These symptoms could provide enough data to begin coaching teams before they fall out of Agility. What should we look …

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