IT Takes Two

Rob Saxon is a Project Management Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor and a trained Six Sigma Specialist. Rob is currently developing methods to integrate project management into previously unexplored areas of business.

IT Service Management is a rich and complex topic. From trouble tickets to up time to physical move/add/change requirements, the sea of technology services is fraught with peril and opportunity. So how does an IT manager or professional navigate these choppy seas? There are a few simple ways to approach IT service management that make the process much easier.

Cutting the Cake

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” -- Muhammad Ali

First, we can divide ITSM into two parts: customer perspective and technology manager perspective. The first part of ITSM involves those services that are obvious to the customer. The average person using technology asks some very simple questions. Here is a list of typical questions a business professional might come up with:

  • Does my laptop boot?
  • Can I get to my shares?
  • Can I get to email?
  • Can I print?
  • Is my computer responsive?

As an IT service professional, we can hone in on these questions to determine if the services we are providing are adequate or need to be enhanced. The first way that we can approach these questions is to ask ourselves, “How would our users inform us if the answer to these questions is ‘no’?” In a small office, a user might walk up to us and let us know there’s a problem. In a larger office, they may …

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