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The History, Evolution and Emergence of Agile PM Frameworks (Part 2)

Dr. Rico has been a leader in support of major U.S. government agencies for 25 years. He's led many Cloud, Lean, Agile, SOA, Web Services, Six Sigma, FOSS, ISO 9001, CMMI and SW-CMM projects. He specializes in IT investment analysis, portfolio valuation and organizational change. He's been an international keynote speaker, presented at leading conferences, written six textbooks and published numerous articles. He’s also a frequent PMI, APLN, INCOSE, SPIN and conference speaker. For more see

Continued from Part 1...

We don't have the time or space to summarize every agile project management framework. So, let's examine some of the more well-formed ideas. We'll describe Scrum (Schwaber), used by over 70 percent of projects. We'll also look at XP (Beck), since it spawned many of today's ideas. Then, we'll examine Flexible Project Management (DeCarlo), Agile Leadership Model (Augustine), Agile Project Management (Highsmith), Adaptive Project Framework (Wysocki) and Scalable Delivery Model (Leffingwell). (Note that Scrum was retrofitted with Release Planning in the 2000s, but that is considered out-of-scope today.)

XP has user stories, release plans, technical tasks and iterations. Scrum has product and sprint backlogs, daily standups, customer reviews and retrospectives. Flexible has project visions, project plans, time-boxing, business justification and deployment. Leadership has culture, visioning, self organization, coaching and adaptation. Agile has visioning, release planning, iterative development, formalization, and closeout (with Scrum instruments). Adaptive is similar to Agile with lightweight traditional instruments. Scalable has visions, architectures, release plans and iterations (heavyweight Scrum).

Agile and adaptive project management is clearly in its golden age. It is important to note that there is still a …

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