Project Management

Pause and Assess

Vincent is a Senior Project Management Consultant and e-Learning Developer.

Despite our best planning efforts, unexpected events will bring problems to some projects. When they do, resist the temptation to respond in an ad hoc fashion to get back on track. It’s better to perform a formal assessment and make changes with the same care that went into the original plan.

How does a project get to be a month late? One day at a time!  When you are managing a project, do you control events or do you allow the events to control you? It’s amazing how many project managers spend so much time and effort carefully planning and then allow events to distract them to the point of ignoring the plan. That really amounts to making ad hoc changes to the plan.

While it’s inevitable that plans will change, those changes should be made with the same meticulous care given to creating the original plan. It will be easier now because you already have a baseline plan and you have some actual data. You just need to step back and see what it all means.

So when do you step back and consider a wholesale update to your plan? That is, when do you have to stop and do a project assessment?

As you track your project, when issues arise you do a quick assessment, apply some remedy and move on. During the course of the project there will be lots of these little assessments. However, when you have a major problem, or the accumulation of minor issues have a …

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