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Are you overworked and feeling stressed out, exhausted, perhaps even overwhelmed in your current job? Let’s face it, if you are working in the IT field, you undoubtedly will be required to work evenings and weekends from time to time to support a critical project.

But for many, this has become a pattern. And eventually you may find that you spend so much time at work that your family members can’t remember what you look like or perhaps can’t recall even who you are. Unearthly amounts of time are required in order to accomplish superhuman feats. Unfortunately this “hero model” continues to be a trend, as loyal employees who remain are asked to pick up the load of colleagues who leave but aren’t being replaced.

As this “Superman” culture becomes more prevalent, companies strive to counter this unenviable reality with corporate propaganda promoting work/life balance. But what are they really doing about this issue? Overworked resources represent a serious issue for organizations: morale deteriorates, innovation suffers and employees may leave in search of employment that better suits their lifestyle. Additionally, it provides insights beyond the organization’s genuine view of work/life balance, as it is reflective of more significant underlying concerns.

In fact, according to IT Governance: Policies and …

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