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Consulting Success: The Essential Traits

Jiju is a project manager who takes on projects that need help. He likes a challenge put in front of him to be solved in a fixed amount of time. Because of this trait, he was fortunate enough to be called upon for completing projects in distress. Through detailed analysis and designing mitigation strategies, he is able to turn distressed projects into successful ones.

Consultant--this is a catch-all word for someone who provides services to people or organizations with the aim of resolving their major pain points. They are called upon for securing advise toward making a decision, obtaining help to resolve a major issue or for providing third-party oversight for an organization’s operations.

Businesses all over the world rely on such consultants to help them think “out of the box” from an ideas, services and products perspective. We often see organizations spending a substantial amount of money on consulting services, making us wonder if it is truly justified. However, a business problem not solved at the right time can become very expensive for an organization in the long run. Therefore, a solution offered by a consultant or a consulting company would provide the optimal return of investment.

So who is a good consultant? The answer is obvious--someone who provides the maximum value at an affordable cost for an organization. In theory, such a definition should hold steady and we would have seen scores of consultants providing value-added propositions to many organizations. However, due to a multitude of reasons, this scenario does not materialize all the time. If a business cannot get the optimum solution that addresses their root business problem from a consultant, then the time, effort and money spent on …

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