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The Cure for the PMO Headache

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Is your PMO causing irritability, tension and overall feelings of dissatisfaction and anxiety? When successful, PMOs can add significant value to an organization and be vital to the overall success of enterprise initiatives. However, bloated processes and the burdensome administrative overhead associated with dysfunctional PMOs often lead to excessive headaches and a fatigued delivery model.

PMO doctors prescribe MIDOL to alleviate such unwanted symptoms and relieve the stress associated with ineffective PMOs.

M: Manage stakeholder expectations
Before you can successfully manage stakeholder expectations of the PMO, you must first answer this question: What is the role of the PMO? As a first step, you must define the role which the PMO will serve and set clear objectives and goals. PMO goals and objectives must be clearly defined, measured and reported to show the value that the PMO adds to the organization.

I: Involve your stakeholders
Many projects fail due to lack of involvement with stakeholders. Also, many PMOs fail as a result of the same lack of engagement and interaction. As a first step, identify your stakeholders and understand their objectives and what their expectations are from the PMO. Ask yourself, who are your stakeholders? Did you remember to include the project managers in your list of stakeholders? Do you understand what they want from the …

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