Do You Really Need a Requirement Management Tool?

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Have you realized that your organization is not putting enough attention on requirements? Want to structure the process better and look for a tool to back up the process? Wondering what types of tools are out there and how much they cost? Do you even need a tool?

Having good requirements is critical to successfully delivering what the organization needs. Good requirements are ones that are documented and understood by all stakeholders. This article talks about the things you need to consider when deciding if you need a tool…and if so, what kind.

Do you even need a tool?
One thing is certain: You need something. If you are not documenting prioritized, traceable requirements, then you are not likely getting stakeholder agreement on requirements and you can forget verifying if needs were met for delivered outcomes.

So you have a list of requirements that went into the RFP so you can evaluate the vendor. It isn't enough. The project needs to have a central repository for all product and project requirements with traceability to the stakeholder. This way, the project manager can verify that those requirements are taken into consideration in estimates and project plans--and can be verified as being met upon delivery of work products. Without having some sort of method, the project team has no way to plan, manage and control end results.

Good …

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