5 PM Trends to Jump On in 2014

Chance Reichel

Project management continues to be an ever-changing dynamic, influenced by technology, globalization and lessons learned from past and current practices. Here are five important trends that successful organizations are incorporating into their project management practices.

With almost 30 years of experience in project management, I have seen significant advancements in the profession. In the “old” days, project managers were often selected at random, the lucky winner simply being in the right (or wrong) place and time. I remember walking by my manager’s office as nonchalantly as possible, and suddenly hearing, “Hey, Reichel, come on in here, I have something I need you to do!” Boom! Then and there I was given my verbal project charter, with no organizational empowerment.

For the most part, we’ve come a long way. As a consultant now, I get the opportunity to look under the hood at a lot of different organizations where I see the good, the bad and the ugly of today’s project management.

Following are what I see as the key trends that successful client organizations are already incorporating into their project management practices, and what I think every organization should consider if they want to improve their project management success metrics in 2014.

1. A Refocus on Project Management Soft Skills

The Scope, Time and Cost paradigm remains the root of …

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