A Little Agile Goes a Long Way

Eric Rudolf

Agile principles and practices aren’t just for product development. They can also improve your effectiveness as a day-to-day manager and the performance of your teams and department. Here are seven great reasons why you should consider adding Agile to your management toolbox.

Whether you are a vice president with $500 million in revenue responsibility, a director in charge of multiple teams and deadlines, or a fledgling manager with a tiny budget and no direct reports, it is no longer possible to ignore the power of Agile. Many of you are probably aware that when it comes to product development, Agile offers benefits like increased collaboration, immediate feedback, shorter project timelines and increased management visibility. But did you know that Agile principles and practices can also improve your effectiveness as a day-to-day manager, and the performance of your departments as a whole?

The fact is, Agile is not an IT methodology. It is a time-tested management tool that — perhaps  surprisingly — replicates the way many managers already think, work and intuitively drive people and projects. If you are considering adopting Agile practices at your organization, or just looking to incorporate a little Agile into your day-to-day management style, below are seven reasons why adding Agile to your management toolbox could be a very smart idea.

1.  Initiatives and …

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