Project Management

The 14-Point Factor to Achieve Nonlinear Growth

Sreenivas Kunapuli

It is the intention of every company to grow, whether the market is stagnant or booming. There are, indeed, companies out there that consistently report growth, irrespective of market considerations. These are companies that do things differently. They approach the same problem in a different way. Yet these growing companies have similarities. Stemming from years of experience in studying various companies across the world that exhibit some kind of nonlinearity in their growth models, my analysis indicates that such companies tend to innovate. They innovate in multiple dimensions and in managing people. They innovate new processes or strive for process improvements, innovate in terms of execution of projects or innovate a product, and file for patents. While the rest of us believe that the rate of returns one gets can only be directly proportional to the effort one puts in—an absolutely linear relationship (and a no-brainer)—these companies try to break the rhythm and do something different, and this results in an approach that is nonlinear. This paper presents some ways to achieve such “nonlinear growth,” ways that could be adopted specifically by IT service providers that are reaching saturation limits in terms of aggressive growth. In a more generic way, the ideas presented in this paper could also be tailored to meet the needs of product …

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