Project Management

Using Social Media as a Strategic Tool for Projects-Lessons-Learned (PLLs)

Franco Shuwing Pang

The growth of social media, fueled by advancing Internet technology, has reshaped the ways people communicate and network with each other. It allows networks to be built with people who would have otherwise not known each other in a physical sense.

Based on its degree of interaction, the social media can be classified into four categories: (1) private social media, such as networking sites; (2) online forums; (3) blogs and mini-blogs; and, (4) organizational and professional knowledge portals, with participative and interactive features. Table 1 illustrates the different features of these four types of social media.

Social media is a powerful source of communication and networking, both personally and professionally. It also gives rise to new opportunities to foster knowledge transfers within many professional arenas, including project management. Projects-lessons-learned (PLLs) are cases in point. This article describes the power of social media, as a new means of facilitating communication and interpersonal interactions, and how such power can be translated into a knowledge-sharing platform of PLLs.

The Competitive Edge of Social Media

Having grown rapidly over the last few years, social media has reached the point of enjoying the solid advantages of being deeply entrenched in the public and having an enormous networking capability and high degree of …

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