Project Management

Framework for Integrating Project Quality, Risk Management, and Integration Management into Earned Value Management (EVM) for Deriving Performance Based Earned Value (PBEV)

Ravi Yerabolu


The criteria for earned value management system (EVMS) as a technique to be used as a project control system for measuring project progress against the baseline requirements in an objective manner were developed primarily for major systems acquisitions.

A limitation posed by the EVMS as a technique to be used as a multidimensional project control system is the lack of integration of other management disciplines such as quality, risk, and program integration into the standard EVM management dimensions of scope/technical performance, schedule, and cost.

This paper elucidates the process framework to integrate the critical to quality metrics (CTQs) of quality dimension and risk and project integration management disciplines into the standard EVM system as additional dimensions so as to derive performance-based earned value (PBEV), which is inclusive of the critical to quality effectiveness of risk management and integration management as the additional program control dimensions, apart from technical performance/scope, schedule, and cost performance metrics.

This paper intends to contribute to the advancement and evolution of process integration framework for the CTQs of quality dimension, risk management, and integration management processes, as additional dimensions to EVMS, leading to the creation of a multidimensional project control system. (It …

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