Maturing Project Management with the Use of a Methodology

Atul Ganatra

Projects are initiatives spread over a specific time period and chartered to deliver a specific product or service, generally conceived as a change in each case. The singularity of the product or service outcome of a project is what makes every project different from others. Usually, the successes of such business, technological, operational, or organizational changes are considered to be the keys to an organization’s sustenance and growth; therefore, such changes need to be undertaken strategically, planned meticulously, executed controllably, and delivered with a clear articulation of value to the stakeholders.

Businesses, governments, academicians, and even not-for-profit organizations have come a long way in their understanding and adoption of the essentials of the processes required to manage such changes. Given the criticality of these changes in aligning an organization’s actions and operations to its own strategy and objectives, the organization would need to follow “known” and, to an extent, proven ways of doing things (i.e., a set of processes that is tested to be clear and effective in an organization’s context for any such change to be delivered successfully, although the requirements of any single change are different from those of others.) Projects are the vehicles of delivering changes and project management is the …

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